Nikola Ristić

I'm a remote full-stack web developer from Serbia.

I help startups and businesses ship fast. UIs, APIs — anything web.
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Featured Work

Stuf Storage

Full-Stack Developer

Sole developer. Rest API (Node, TypeScript, Postgres, S3, Twillio). Multiple Next.js dashboards built with a custom design system. Multiple third-party API integrations interacting with physical devices on-spot. Browser location proximity check, mandatory SMS 2FA, real-time updates with SSE, and more...


Lead Front-End Developer

As a first front-end engineer in the company, I've successfully taken the company from zero web presence to being web-first and globally available. In the 4 years I helped ship design systems, dashboards, web sdks, graphql apis; managed and hired people.


Full-Stack Developer

Next-gen headless Shopify storefront built on Remix (Hydrogen, TypeScript) and deployed on the edge using Cloudflare Workers (Oxygen). International audience with an average of 300k monthly views.